The Jarvis Model VC - pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry. •Ideal tool for high precision and extremely economical poultry vent removal, for any type or size of bird. •Labor reduction - high speed and efficient vent and rosebud gland removal allow a reduction in line personnel. •Increased yield - cut size is controlled by the vent gun, not the operator. •Reduced contamination - fecal material is sucked away as the Model VC removes vents. •Low maintenance, high reliability - a weekly greasing is all that’s required. •Low cost - the Model VC is economically priced with hardened surgical stainless blades for outstanding durability. •Free, on-site service - an unparalleled benefit only from Jarvis. •Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

หมวดหมู่ : Product Poultry Vent Cutting



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