The Jarvis Airsnip® - dramatically reduces operator effort on any operation done with a scissor, knife or hand clipper. Use of this tool may qualify as a “light duty” operation. •Common applications: •Poultry: gizzard harvest and splitting; wing trim; deboned thigh and breast trim; tenders trim; heart and liver harvest; opening (after venting); leg disjointing; tail cutting; blister trim; foot removal; toe nail trim; cone trim; leaf fat trim; inspection/salvage trim. •Fish: head, fin and tail removal. •Pork: trimming sausage trees and casing (before or after clips). •Beef: trimming mountain chain. •Optimally suited for both highly repetitive operations and operations requiring some force - significant reduction in operator effort. •Lightweight, 3 models; 13, 19, 28 oz (0.4, 0.5, 0.8 kg). •Three power sizes - a size for every need. •Many sizes and styles of blades available to suit any application. •Adjustable speed - 1 to 4 cuts per second. •Quick change blades - takes only seconds. •Simple cleaning - tool is totally immersible.

หมวดหมู่ : Product Poultry Knife & Scissor



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