The largest Jarvis electrically-powered band saw. Purposefully designed for the operator. The BUSTER 5 is used worldwide for splitting fat cattle, bulls, oxen, and horses. Designed to reduce your downtime. With superior blade life of up to 600 carcasses. And an oil bath lubricated drive system for sustained trouble-free operation cut after cut. Featuring spoked wheels, flat-surfaced housings, and completely opening doors - for fast, easy, cleaning. Approved for all national and international hygiene and safety requirements. Increase your yield. Thanks to a 25mm ultra-thin brushed aluminum rail. Maximum visibility is needed to make the most accurate split. So we designed the BUSTER 5 with an ultra-thin 4mm brushed aluminum rail to give the operator more control over the cut and ensure the highest possible yield.

หมวดหมู่ : Product Beef Splitting



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